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  1. Church of England brings cashless transactions to its congregations
    NEWS / The Church of England announced today that it is making contactless, virtual terminal, and SMS mobile payments available throughout England, in a bid to make transactions faster and easier for the Church’s congregations.
  2. Bishop: Fixed Odds Betting Terminals proposal 'simply does not go far enough' to protect most vulnerable
    NEWS / The Bishop of St Albans, a leading campaigner for measures to limit the harm done by Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs), has responded to recommendations from the Gambling Commission.
  3. Statement on the Government's Integrated Communities Strategy
    NEWS / Following the Publication of the Integrated Communities Strategy, the Church of England's Mission and Public Affairs Council has issued the following statement.
  4. IICSA update
    NEWS / The schedule for the second week of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, looking at the Church of England, has been published.
  5. She was always there for me and taught me to do the right thing – Church of England survey highlights what it means to be a mother in Britain today
    NEWS / Always being there to support their children when needed tops the list of important things that the British public say their mothers have done for them, new research has found.
  6. Appointment of Third Church Estates Commissioner
    NEWS / Dr Eve Poole, an academic and former Deloitte consultant, has been appointed as Third Church Estates Commissioner
  7. Opening statement in IICSA hearing
    NEWS / The first day of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) hearing into the Anglican Church in England and Wales - looking at the diocese of Chichester as a case study - heard opening statements from representatives of all the core participants.
  8. Make financial education compulsory in primary schools, says Archbishop of Canterbury's Just Finance Foundation
    NEWS / Primary school pupils should receive compulsory lessons on how to manage money as part of the response to growing levels of financial insecurity and problem debt in the UK, the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Just Finance Foundation says today.
  9. Church of England Pensions Board part of global coalition filing resolution at Rio Tinto
    NEWS / The Church of England Pensions Board, together with investors with assets totalling nearly £50bn, has filed a shareholder resolution at Rio Tinto calling on the company to review and fully disclose its relationships with industry bodies.
  10. Church of England statement on IICSA’s Child Migration Report
    A statement from the Church of England on IICSA’s Child Migration Report.