Grave Locator

The information in this database is based on a survey undertaken by the North-West Kent Family History Society some years ago.  With the Search facility (accessed via the middle button below - looks like binoculars), you can look for entries which contain a certain string of characters.  In the 'element' drop-down box select 'Name' and in the 'condition' drop-down select 'CONTAINS' Then, for example, searching for AMHE in 'the 'value' box, and clicking the 'Apply' button, should find five records relating to the Amherst family.  You can also re-order the list by clicking on one of the three main column headings.  The 'Location Code' in the listings can be used to find the actual location by referring to the appropriate Diagram. An entry 'y' in the 'move' column indicates that remains were removed and re-buried in Area J.

An overall diagram of the Churchyard, and more detailed diagrams of specific Areas A to L, can be accessed via the following links:

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Please see the separate page about the two designated Commonwealth War Graves (identified as B2 and I29 on the Grave Locator plan), and a civilian grave (B4) for an entire family killed by a V2 rocket.

177 Ellis Hector Charles K47
178 Ellis John and Elizabeth Sarah J13
179 Emberson Violet C65
180 Emery William Joseph D27
181 Emery/Penfold Tom,Adelaide and Beatrice Maude J3
182 Enery/Caxton Gertrude Emery and Thomas Caxton G34
183 Ernest Frank and William Whitehouse Bowles B36
184 Eustace K125
185 Evelyn Charles Francis and Emma E14
186 Everest David and Agnes G8
187 Fagg Emma and William Richard J29
188 Fagg William Kennett and Agnes Cicely I27
189 Fairfax Alfred Arthur and Minnie C18
190 Familton Nell K69
191 Fancourt Bell George and Muriel A1
192 Farrant Elizabeth and James E24
193 Farrant Ellen and John A28 y
194 Farrant Frank,Caroline and Alexander G26
195 Farrant Mary Ann and William G35
196 Farrell Thomas (Jim) and Lilian Amy J59
197 Fenn Samuel James K70
198 Fernyhough John and Isobel C42
199 Ferres Elizabeth A55
200 FilleryWilliam Robert and Lily F20
201 Flatman Laura and Alec Edward J78
202 Fletcher Sara,Sarah Martha and John A22 y
203 Ford K130
204 Fox Alice B27
205 Francis Elizabeth Sarah and Frederick Charles K39
692 Francis Frederick Charles L
206 Francis John and Eliza B24
684 Francis Michael L
207 Franks George and Mary A30 y
208 French Clifford Ernest K33
209 Froud Doris Evelyn K68
210 Froud Victor George B18
211 Fullegar Thomas and Ann A2
212 Fulljames Frances G31
213 Fulton Elizabeth and Josephine C3
214 Gale Dorothy Ellen K9
215 Gardiner ? and Sarah F E29
216 Gardner Charles Graham K35
217 Garrett Ethel K34
218 Garrett John Edward and Mary Jane B34
219 Garrett Tryphena,Mary Ann and Samson Henry B38
220 Gasson Jessie K75
221 Gasson William and Etheline Emma J25
222 Geer William D51
223 George Edith K61
224 George Jack Alfred K62
720 Gilbert Betty L
697 Gilbert David Robert L
225 Gill Rupert and Ellen Maude I3
226 Gimbert Dorothy Lilian K99
227 Glover Charles Henry C82
228 Glover Clara,John and Ann F1
229 Goggin James C63
741 Goodacre Rosemary Pauline L
230 Goodwin Esther Ann F5
231 Gordon Harriet Margaret,Anna Penelope and Robert E18
232 Gorfin Minnie A14
233 Gosnold George Benjamin K107
234 Grace Hugh Douglas Charles and Fredrica Mary B8
235 Green Willy Henry and Mary G13
236 Greenhead Margaret and Albert K59
237 Griggs John Dennis and Alice Christine F34
238 Hadrill Mary Jane and Walter D4
239 Hamlin Margaret,John,Annie,and George I1
240 Hamlyn Dorothy E38
241 Harmer Charles William and Sarah Georgina D31
242 Harper Herman John K27
243 Harris Annie Mary,Thomas and Eva Galdys D44
244 Harris David Cecil K93
245 Harris/Carter Ellen and Ann H26
246 Harrison Edmund Henry D17
247 Harrison Louisa and Walter William J23
248 Harrison Thomas B10
249 Hart Margaret Annie E37
250 Hatcher William,Fanny and Edward A46
251 Hawkes Edward Albert and Winifred Florence B14
252 Hawkes Ronald Lionel Clifford,Arthur Clifford,Agnes Dorothy C8
253 Hawkins James and Harriet H18
254 Hayler Harriot and Rebecca A21 y
255 Hazelden Alfred John and Janet K74
256 Hazelden George and Naomi Susan J15
257 Heale Ellen Kate and Daisy Elizabeth C74
258 Heath Ann Elizabeth,John Robert and Frederick John I36
259 Heath Annie Maria,Henry George and Florence May J11
260 Heath Elizabeth and William J20
261 Heath Frederick,Harriet,Ellen and Minnie H31
262 Heath George,James and Richard A19 y
263 Heath Gertrude B28
264 Heath Harriott A51
265 Heath Jane and William A18 y
266 Heath Jeffery and Thomas A39 y
267 Heath John,Rosa,Sidney and May Patricia B11
268 Heath Mary and William B35
269 Heath Thomas,Olive Jane,Lindsay Cyril,Bernard Alfred & Mary Ann I19
270 Heath/Harding John, Ann and John Benjamin Harding G32
271 Heather Enid May K3