Traidcraft / Fairtrade

St. Mary's holds a Traidcraft stall selling fair trade goods at cost, on the first Sunday of every month, in the Church Hall, after the main 9:30am service, to promote the fair trade message.

St. Mary's is a Fair trade Church and serves FAIRTRADE tea and coffee after services and other activities.

What is fair trade?

Fair trade is an organized social movement and market-based approach that aims to help producers in developing countries make better trading conditions and promote sustainability. 

Fair trade seeks to transform the lives of poor producers in the developing world by enabling them to use their skills and resources to build sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their communities. It seeks to challenge injustices in trading structures and practices that so often lead to the exploitation and marginalisation of poor people.

What's the difference between fair trade and FAIRTRADE?

"FAIRTRADE" is an accreditation, labelling system which certifies that products bearing the FAIRTRADE Mark meet a range of specific criteria. "Fair trade" expresses a rather wider vision of development, covering a much wider range of products than can be certified, and embracing campaigning and awareness raising activity, as well as trading in food products.

Traidcraft is a Christian based organisation, committed to working with people of all faiths and none in our common fight against poverty. 


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A collection of photographs, from various events, can be viewed in the Photo Gallery.

The 'Big Brew' coffee morning on 10 March 2017 raised £45 for Traidcraft's 'Let It Grow' appeal, aimed at helping smallholder farmers and their families to thrive. A letter of thanks has been received.

The Traidcraft Christmas Card sale on 28 October 2017 raised £14 for Traidcraft.  A letter of thanks has been received saying:  "Your gift will help smallholders like Asina to learn new skills, which will help them and their families to leave poverty behind forever. Thank you for your kind support".

The 'Big Brew' coffee morning on 10 March 2018 raised £35 towards Traidcraft's 'Hidden Entrepreneur', Lenten appeal. A letter of acknowledgement has been received and can be viewed here.


Co-ordinator:  Anne Straight