Grave Locator

The information in this database is based on a survey undertaken by the North-West Kent Family History Society some years ago.  With the Search facility (accessed via the middle button below - looks like binoculars), you can look for entries which contain a certain string of characters.  In the 'element' drop-down box select 'Name' and in the 'condition' drop-down select 'CONTAINS' Then, for example, searching for AMHE in 'the 'value' box, and clicking the 'Apply' button, should find five records relating to the Amherst family.  You can also re-order the list by clicking on one of the three main column headings.  The 'Location Code' in the listings can be used to find the actual location by referring to the appropriate Diagram. An entry 'y' in the 'move' column indicates that remains were removed and re-buried in Area J.

An overall diagram of the Churchyard, and more detailed diagrams of specific Areas A to L, can be accessed via the following links:

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Please see the separate page about the two designated Commonwealth War Graves (identified as B2 and I29 on the Grave Locator plan), and a civilian grave (B4) for an entire family killed by a V2 rocket.

88 Browne/Bligh Martha F24
89 Browne/Hulse George Austin and Mary C39
90 Bryant Albert and Eliza I11
91 Buckwell Mary Elizabeth K18
92 Bunn/Nicolls Edward Nicolls Bunn,Violet Anna,Susan Maria C17
93 Burling Sarah,John and Ann A26 y
94 Burn Murdoch/McGibbon James McGibbon and Maria Hannah D40
95 Burnaby Alice Caroline C26
96 Burnett Elizabeth Juliana Annette and Haryu Cleather B6
97 Burr Charles and Annie J6
98 Burrell Percy Looker and Florence Matilda J68
99 Burrows Kathleen Mary K17
698 Butson Elma Elise L
100 Cage Alfred William H4
101 Calcutt Terry K73
694 Campbell-Smith Stuart L
102 Carpenter Alfred Richard K100
103 Carter Ethel May and Cecil T F9
104 Casson Eve A. and Archibald G18
105 Castle William B29
740 Cawthorne Anthony Neil L
716 Cawthorne Brenda Maureen L
735 Cemm Brenda L
106 Challis Ada Caroline,George Percy and Percy C29
107 Chalmers/Mountain/Kuschke Gustav,Alexander and Hannah E4
108 Chamberlain K139
109 Chandler Doris Caroline Sarah K41
110 Chandler Frederick Charles William K40
111 Chaney James F13
112 Chapman Maria Louisa,Amy and Arnold (Arnie) F11
113 Charles K130
114 Chart/Wiggens Jane,Eleanor and Samuel A25 y
705 Chinner Howard Edward L
115 Clark/Pannell Emma Pannell and Mary Edith Clark E9
116 Clitter Mary A53
117 Cole George and Annette E44
118 Colgate George Thomas Edward and Caroline H35
119 Colgate Harry Alfred J74
120 Collins K122
121 Compton Albert Compton G43
122 Comyn Heaton,Laura,John,Ethel Frances C22
123 Constantinof/Macartney Emily B13
124 Cook George Thomas F19
125 Cooke Herbert William and Jane Maude J51
126 Coombes Len K58
127 Cooper Charles and Mary I34
128 Cox (Saunders) Cos,Thomas and Thomas A29 y
129 Cox Maggie Elizabeth and Edith Eliza D28
130 Craddock Sarah A35 y
131 Craig Marianne Hilda K102
132 Creasey Mary and Edward D52
133 Creese Harold Thomas and Daisy May J70
134 Cressy Bertha and Adele V.E. D30
135 Cronk Frank Charles K85
136 Cronk Percy Charles K86
137 Cross Gwladys Maude C77
138 Crowson George, Mary Ann and William Jonathan I8
139 Crowson/Smith Elizabeth,John Eileen Patricia and Edith Adelaide I37
140 Cruickshank Robert K63
141 Cummings Thomas and Margaret A50
142 Cunneen Edith Jennie J64
143 Curling Annie and Noah Miles D53
144 Cuthbert John George K77
145 Dallaston Cecil K89
699 Daniel-Davies Hon David L
146 Dann Edith and Harry J63
712 Danon Andre George L
713 Danon Maureen Mary L
147 Davies Robert Edwin Glyn Davies C70
148 Davies William Colin and Florence May C44
149 Davis Elizabeth,Helena E. and Elsie C37
150 Davis/Best/Bodem/Driver Joseph & Elizabeth Bodem,Florence Ada Driver
151 Dawe Cecil William K44
152 Dearing Harriet Ann I16
153 Dearing Henry John C64
154 Dearing Herbert John and Emma Harper !28
155 Dearing James and Jane H39
156 Dearing Nina G33
718 Dickenson Roy L
157 Dickman James,William and Susan J1
158 Divall Joy K95
159 Dixon Florence Emily,William George and Ethel J7
160 Dixon Henry Charles and Alice Phoebe G44
161 Dixon Lionel Henry K48
162 Dixon May,Thomas Arthur,Thomas Edwin,Ellen Edith I10
163 DixonWilliam and Maude J21
164 Dodd Edward and Isabella A4
165 Du Boulay/Tyrrell Mercy Tyrrell Houssemayne Du Boulay K87
166 Dugay Margaret and William C75
167 Dutton Blanche G2
168 Dyball Annie and George Hammond C80
169 Eade/Ansell Laura Tryphena,Harry James and May Tryphena Ansell J66
170 Earee/Drewe Mary Elizabeth & Ulric St Vincent & Winifred Drewe C53
171 Ebdy Charles Leonard K45
172 Ebdy Violet Elizabeth K46
717 Eckersley Christopher J L
173 Edwards K111
174 Edwards/Hart Harry Arthur Hart B16
175 Elder Susan Mildred and William Alfred C59
176 Elizabeth and Frank Croshier D7